-The Humbler
-Son, husband, father, & friend
-The last word in shred roots Tele abuse
-The world's greatest unknown guitar player (but which famous one could outplay him?)

Danny Gatton was the last word in shred roots Telecaster abuse, and a musical genius who left us far too soon. There are 15 albums under his own name, and he played on many more as a sideman. I have collected information about Danny's recordings, television/radio appearances, and print articles in my little red notebook for several years. Now I am experimenting with web page design by transferring this information to this site. I am adding more stuff all the time.


"Funhouse", the first new Big Mo/Flying Deuce release is now available. This is a live date from 1988 at the Birchmere, with the full Funhouse band and special guest Buddy Emmons. In addition to Danny & Buddy, the band includes Barry Hart on drums, John Previti on bass, Billy Windsor on rhythm guitar/vocals, Chris Battistone (composer of "Red Label") on trumpet, Bruce Swaim on tenor sax, Phil Berlin on tenor sax, and John Jensen on trombone. It sounds pretty darn good!

There are two errors in the liner notes. "Song of India" is listed as "Land of Make Believe" and "Melancholy Serenade" is listed as "Harlem Nocture". These errors do not detract from the great performance.

Ed Eastridge of Big Mo gave me a special link so I'd get credit for referrals, but my browser won't post it in its entirety! Oh well, just use the regular link instead: http://www.bigmo.com/dagafu


The long-awaited biography, "Unfinished
Business: The Life & Times of Danny Gatton" by Ralph Heibutzki (Backbeat Books) has finally been released. 290 pages about Danny, expanded from Ralph's cover story for Vintage Guitar. Covers all phases of his life and legacy. I can't say it included all the details I wouldhave wanted to see, but the author does a good job given the editorial restrictions,and in light ofthe fact that some sources declined to be interviewed for the book. It is definitely a good read. He is also kind enough to include a revew of this little site (which made my year). Thanks, Ralph! Support your local bookseller and go buy this book.

Also, Mark Opsasnick's follow-up to Capitol Rock has recently been released,and is available at Amazon.com. Contains a whole chapter on Danny, although there is more detail in his earlier book.

DANNY'S RECORDINGS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AGAIN!!!! Flying Deuce Records, in conjunction with Big Mo Records, is once again offering several of Danny's landmark albums for purchase: "American Music," "Redneck Jazz," "Unfinished Business," "Relentless," "The Humbler," "Portraits," and "In Concert 9/9/94." Click this link to purchase any of these recordings!


Did you know...
- Daniel Wood Gatton, Jr., born September 4, 1945
- Danny was left-handed, yet played guitar in right-handed fashion. That sure explains the amazing dexterity over the fretboard!
- The first time Danny played in front of an audience was in 1956 at the Cottage City Firehouse in Bladensburg, MD. He was 11.
- Danny's first band was The Lancers. He joined in 1957, playing the Gibson ES-350 his father bought him (see below).
- Danny graduated from Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, MD, class of 1963.
- Jack Casady occasionally played bass for Danny's high school bands, around 1962 and '63. Jack went on to be the bass player for Jefferson Airplane.
- Danny played bass and guitar in his rival Roy Buchanan's band in 1971.


DC guitar legend Tom Principato has released the DVD "Blazing Telecasters", the double threat guitar band he and Danny fomred back in the 80's.For those of you familiar with the CD "Blazing Telecasters", this is the same band, but a different recording session.This DVD consists of several tracks and outtakes professionally filmed in a Maryland TV studio. There are two takes of the tune "How's Your Sister", which evenually evolved into "Fine" as recorded by Danny & Joey DeFrancesco on "Relentless." There's a shortcut labelled "Blazing Telecasters" in the Links section below where you can buy this DVD online. (2/27/03)

Danny Gatton on the "American Music Shop" TV show, 1994.


I have added archives for Danny's commercially released videos and for his sideman work. As you can imagine, tracking down his sideman work is tought stuff. If you have any information you would like to contribute, please contact me through the guestbook page. My thanks to Gatton fan Josh, who lit a fire under me to get this sideman archive up.


DANNY'S VERY FIRST STUDIO RECORDING!!!! "Beggarman/Trouble In MInd" 1960 by The Offbeats. Available from Steve Gorospe's Definitive Danny Gatton Website. See the Links section below. As an aside, Steve's dad is Ernie Gorospe, who is the bass player on this record. Added 10/6/02

Danny, Evan Johns, and the Good Humour Band, as well as 1975 versions on "Ugly Man" and "Redneck Jazz." See the Links section below. Added 11/19/01.

Danny's Beer Bottle Slide

Albums released under Danny's own name.

  • "American Music" * [NRG NCD-3422-2] This was Danny's first album under his own name. Originally released on Aladdin Records in 1975, his mother reissued it on CD in 1998 with 3 extra live tracks. Has Danny's first version of Harlem Nocturne featuring Hammond organist Dick Heintze.
  • "Vintage Masters" [Hippo H8901] Released on cassette only, this was a partial reissue of the "American Music" album. Contained an alternate take of the song "American Music" (this version was previously released as the B-side of the "Harlem Nocturne" single) and an alternate take of "Move On Down the Line."
  • Redneck Jazz* [NRG NCD-2916] The 1976 version of this album was orginally released on fire-engine red vinyl. This was probably the first example of the playing that would eventually be recognized as the "Gatton style." Guitars pumped through Leslie cabinets, pedal steel (some of which was played by Buddy Emmons) and vocals by Evan Johns and ex-Roy Buchanan singer Chuck Tilly made this a fun album. Norma re-released it on CD with two additional cuts from the Redneck Jazz Explosion (see below). This album contains a special song for me called "Sailin' On", which was the first song I heard after learning of Danny's unfortunate demise: "Sailin' on while I talk to your pictures/ All around I'm not by myself..." Danny's spirit still lingers in the words of this song, for me anyway.
  • "Redneck Jazz Explosion" * [NRG NCD- ] This is probably my favorite album. Recorded live on New Yaer's Eve 1978 at DC's famous Cellar Door, this all instrumental quartet featured Buddy Emmons on pedal steel, Steve Wolf on electric bass, Scott Taylor on drums, and DG on Les Paul Custom and Magic Dingus Box. This is the definitive recording of how the Magic Dingus Box worked and Danny's complete mastery of it. Three songs also recorded that night appear on other disks: "Ode to Billy Joe" (on "Redneck Jazz" reissue), "Canadian Sunset" (on "Redneck Jazz" and "Hot Rod Guitar"), and "Deep Purple" (on "Untouchable"). If you are only famliar with his Telecaster feats, you need to investigate this fascinating side of Danny's talents. Can you say "taste"? Can you say "smooth"? If not, buy this disk!
  • "The Humbler" * [NRG NCD-6842] Live recording with Robert Gordon & band. Some say this is the best ROCKABILLY record ever made. They'd be right. Imagine every great rockabilly player rolled into one guy who was having a very good night, and you would have an idea of Danny's Telecaster/Gibson ES-295 antics on this record. Amos Garrett (best known for his guitar work on "Midnight at the Oasis") used to carry a bootleg of this live gig around with his band while they toured. Whenever the band got a little too full of themselves, Amos would slap on this tape; the band would play real simple for the next few nights. After circulating as a bootleg for 15 years, Danny's mom Norma tracked down the original source tape, remixed, and released this fabulous night in Danny's career. Danny was frequently unsatisfied with the way Robert Gordon's producers made him play on Robert's records. After hearing this early 80's gig, you have to wonder what kind of idiots they must have been. Robert gave Danny plenty of rope this evening and he played it for all it was worth. Of course, 11 songs into it, the fire marshal shuts the gig down. Meanwhile, Danny pays homage to Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins, Paul Burlison, Les Paul, Cliff Gallup, Roland Janes, James Burton, and all the others. Somehow it comes out sounding like 100% pure Gatton. When you talk about rockabilly revival pioneers, remember that the Stray Cats didn't even have an American record deal at this time, and they certainly never played it as hot as this (sorry Setzer fans)! Dig Danny's version of the Robert Gordon/Pointer Sisters/Bruce Springsteen song "Fire" and the definitive pedal steel imitations on "There Stands the Glass"!
  • "Blazing Telecasters" [Powerhouse P-108] Live gig in 1984 with Tom Principato on guitar. Tomcoaxed Danny out of one of his semi-retirement phases to put togeher this relaxed-sounding band. You could call this album "Two Guitars, Gatton-style", but then you might not give Tom his due. Tom more than holds his own in this frenzy. They tear through a bunch of tunes, including "Cherokee" (dig the competing, simultaneous solos that magically come together in the end), "Quiet Village" (I love John Previti's bass solo in this one), "Honey Hush", "Don't Think Ttwice, It's All Right" (you'll never hear the Peter, Paul & Mary cover of this Dylan tune the same way again!) and others. A lot of people ask me where the can get a copy - SEE THE LINKS SECTION! Tom's record company put it out, and they're still distributing it. This is a fun album!
  • "Unfinished Business" * [NRG NCD-02479] This all-instrumental 1987 release was the beginning on Danny's breakthrough to success. Following its release, he appeared on the cover of Guitar Player magazine, which also included a free soundpage "Nit-Pickin." While "Nit-Pickin" did not appear on the original LP/cassette release of this album, Norma did include it in the CD re-release, together with an unreleased track "Georgia on My Mind." A variety of Danny's personalities are represented here, from the jazzy Les Paul-inspired versions of "Cherokee" and "Homage to Charlie Christian", to the Telecaster anthems "Sleepwalk" and "Melancholy Seranade," and the Spike Jones-style wackiness of "Fingers on Fire." Different shades of blues are also included, with the Tele/lap steel duet of "Lappin' It Up", the tribute to Bill Doggett, Billy Butler, and King Curtis on "Sky King," and the down 'n' dirty "Notcho Blues." Speaking of Bill Doggett, Danny must have been listening to a lot of his mid-50's B-3 combo, as whole Doggett/Butler choruses are quoted in both "Lappin' It Up" and "Sky King." The cover is pretty neat, too, depicting Danny's old garage, a bunch of classic cars parked outside, and some guys in the back jamming. As much as I like this album, I have to admit that I prefer the sequence and mastering of the LP over the CD; in comparison, the CD is not nearly as loud and clean as the LP (which is backwards from the norm). Nevertheless, this is a noteworthy and great album.
  • "Untouchable" * [NRG NCD-1242-2] The album that never was. Danny recorded this album for NRG as a follow up to Unfinished Business. However, the Elektra deal came through, and the project was shelved. Norma mixed, mastered and released this CD in 1998. Contains a previously unreleased track from the Redneck Jazz Explosion ("Deep Purple"), a Gatton Band showcase number ("Gold Rush" - yes, the Bill Monroe song and a different version than that which appears on Hot Rod Guitar), trio version of "One for Lenny", 2 vocal numbers with Tommy Lespon and Billy Windsor. How many different tones can come out of a Telecaster? Check out "One More for the Road"!
  • "88 Elmira Street" [Elektra 9-61032-2] Danny's first major label release. All instrumental, with a good blues-rock vibe. Not much country or jazz here. However, you do get "Funky Mama," "Blues Newburg," "Red Label," "In My Room," "Sliding Home," and a host of others. The rockabilly rave-up "Elmira Street Boogie" was nominated for a Grammy in 1991 for Best Rock Instrumental.
  • "Cruisin' Deuces" [Elektra 9-61465-2] This CD is probably the best representation of Dann's eclectic nature. He covers all the bases here: salsa, rock, blues, honky tonk, rockabilly, Lenny Breau style folk jazz, and searing Telecaster anthems. Danny recut "Harlem Nocturne" alone in the studio with a click track as a gift to his mother. Later, the rest of the band was added in. This cemented the tune as Danny's signature song. A full transcription of Danny's searing licks was distributed all over the world Guitar Player magazine's July 1993 issue, saluting Masters of the Telecaster. Other notable tracks include a raveup version of the Bill Haley tune "13 Women" complete with a lap steel solo, "Puddin' & Pie" a jazz tune with rap drums that was also featured in Quentin Tarantin's film DestinyTurn On The Radio", a version of "Satisfied Mind" (Billy Windsor on vocals) so potent you can smell the beer on the barroom floor, a tribute to Elvis (Sun Medley) with Delbert McClinton on vocals, and many others. Amazing stuff. I learned of the release of this CD when I was strolling our local mall and, glancing in the window of the teeny-opper music store, I saw a full floor display with Danny's face, Tele and a 32 Ford Coupe looking back at me. Holy cats! I thought I was dreaming!
  • "Relentless" [Big Mo 20232] Hammond B-3 fiesta! This 1994 release paired Danny, bassist John Previti, and drummer Tmm Biery with organist Joey DeFrancesco for a blistering blues-jazz instrumental release. Notable trancks include the shuffle "Fine", a deep blues exploration "The Pits", smooth stylings on "Big Mo', and a breakneck tempo on Thelonius Monk's "Well You Needn't." Gatton's Kenny Burrell influence really shows through, in both his playing and song choices. My local NPR jazz station (KCLU) plays this disk from time to time. Guess who keeps calling in to request it? It's OK, though, because the music director is a Danny Gatton fan, too! I believe this disk is still in print and available through Big Mo Records.
  • "In Concert 9/9/94" *[Big Mo 2028] Recorded less than a month before he died, this disk captures the instrumental madness that was a Danny Gatton show. Tunes blend from one into the next, without so much as a breath. This was how Danny's mind worked, and his ability to segue so smoothly is unparalled. Danny jokingly commented to the audience, "Joey DeFrancesco wanted to come play with us, but I told him, "No, you're too good. Stay home.'" Backed only by drummer Timm Biery and constant right hand man bassist John Previti, Danny uses both Telecaster and custom doubleneck to sail through tunes like "Secret Love," "Caravan," "Walk Don't Run," "Sunnymoon for Two," and other Gatton classics. This disk is one of two sets that were recorded that night. Maybe set two will be released one day as well.
  • "Portraits" * [Big Mo 2030] Yet another studio album "that never was." This set was produced by Ed Eastridge, who ran Big Mo studion, Danny's favorite recording studio. This set includes some unreleased versions of "The Chess Players", "Pretty Blue" and "Fine." These may be demos, or tracks rejected by Elektra. Danny even plays drums on some of them! Some nice rockabilly-type vocal numbers, and two live cuts from 1989 round out this set. Not a clunker on it, and I think it's still available from Big Mo.
  • "Capitol Attack" [Renegade CD2010] Live rockabilly with Robert Gordon. If you liked "The Humbler," you'll like this. Limited edition.
  • "Hot Rod Guitar: A Danny Gatton Anthology" [Rhino] A double disk set that touches Danny's recordings for NRG, Elektra, and Big Mo. All are great tunes, altough I mayhave made some different choices. The Redneck Jazz Explosion with Buddy Emmons is criminally under-represented with only one track (Canadian Sunset), while there are 3 tracks from "Relentless," 4 from "Cruisin' Deuces (but not Harlem Nocturne!), 4 from 88 Elmira Street, 1 from "In Concert 9/9/94," 1 from "Untouchable," 2 from "New York Stories," 1 from "The Humbler," 3 from "American Music", 2 studio tracks from "Redneck Jazz," 2 from "Unfinished Business," and 3 previously unissued demos. Among the unissued is an interesting version of Red Label with horns and an acoustic guitar solo from Danny, an alternate version of Gold Rush (different than the alternate version at dannygatton.com), and Buboy, a trumpetless demo version of Cruisin' Deuce. Nice 32 page booklet. Still in print.
  • "Running Wild" [Renegade]: Catch the behind the scenes stories in Billy Poore's book "Rockabilly: A Forty Year Journey." This four CD Box set of Danny's 1980's rockabilly work, was released by Renegade Records on April 23, 2001. This set contains 83 tracks, including Danny's work with Johnny Seaton, Robert Gordon, Leslee "Bird" Anderson, Billy Poore, and others. Danny considered the title cut "Running Wild" to be his best studio work ever. With eleven tracks of guitars, it's easy to see why. None of these cuts have ever been released on a Danny Gatton album until now. If you dig Danny's rockabilly work, you need this set! Because the original studio masters were destroyed in a fire that also claimed Billy Poore's home, this CD is dubbed off second generation copies, so the fidelity is not pristine.

Danny & his first good guitar, a 1956 Gibson ES-350T, purchased new by Danny's father for him for $375. Danny, ever the inquisitive12 year old at the time, took it apart to see what made it work. His dad was not pleased.
In the early 60's, Danny sold the guitar for $150 to cover the down-payment on a white 1958 Chevy Impala so he could drive to work. The purchaser sent the instrument back to the Gibson factory to be refinished and refretted. The factory also added the rubber washer around the pick-up switch (not a '56 feature) and replaced either the entire Bigsby tailpiece or the handle thereof.
Danny eventually reacquired the guitar and used the instrument throughout the rest of his life. This picture was taken during his 1991 appearance on the Austin City Limits television program. See Brian Alpert's 1991 Concert Tour Diary link below for a behind-the-scenes account of this show.

Danny sat in with the "World's Most Dangerous Band" on David Letterman's show in 1991. Danny and bandleader Paul Shafer had worked together in Robert Gordon's band during the early 1980's.

Danny on Video

I'm not going to try to address all the bootlegs that are available, but here's a run down ofthe commercially produced videos. I've listed them in order they were recorded, not in the order they were released

1. "Licks & Tricks for the Telecaster" (1987, Pro Video Corp) Danny's first instructional video. Great right hand picking exercises. May be out of print. Uses the 53 Tele and a silverface Super Reverb.

2. "Blazing Telecasters" DVD - review coming as soon as I buy a DVD player!

3. "The Guitar Show featuring Danny Gatton" (rec. 1989, rel.1999, Front Row Music) A half hour show devoted to Danny. Danny gets interviewed, and plays Secret Love, Sugarfoot Rag, One for Lenny, and Boot Hill Drag with upright bassist John Previti. Plays the 53 Tele.

4. "Telemaster" (1990, Hot Licks Video) Good stuff, but the sound mixing leaves something to be desired (sorry, Arlen). Danny may have had a bit of stage fright, and possibly mumbled a bit as a result. But you can learn lots of neat licks, including the entire head for "Secret Love" and "Sugarfoot Rag". Uses the 53 Tele.

5. "Strictly Rhythm Guitar" (1994, Hot Licks) Great video, beautiful production values. Actually easy for mere mortal guitar players to pick stuff up even the first time through. Danny plays the black & white MOTO Tele through a blackface Vibrolux Reverb, and a Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar. Danny is joined by Timm Biery, John Previti, Arlen Roth, and Jay Monterose. This is how you play in a band, folks, even if you're the Humbler.

Danny and singer Billy Windsor, who's playing Danny's 1954 Gibson ES-295 (the one that didn't belong to Scotty Moore.) Love those old Fender amps in the background!

45 RPM Singles

  • Ronnie & The Offbeats: "Beggar Man"/"Trouble in Mind" (Norwood Records, 1961) Gatton, guitar (sounds to me like his ES-350T and a Magnatone amp with stereo vibrato); Ernie Gorospe, bass; Jerry Wallmark, drums; John Broaddus, sax; Ron MacDonald, vocals; Dick Heintze, organ. Gatton, Wallmark, Gorospe, and Broaddus reformed as the American Music Company (with Billy Windsor on vocals). That line-up played together through December 1993. A version of that band is still active in the DC area. NEW! You can download both sides of this historic recordat Steve Gororspe's site. See the Links section below.
  • The Soul Mates: "Moonlight Cruise"/"How's Your Sister?" (Wilson Line Records, 1966)
  • Danny & The Fat Boys: "American Music"/"Harlem Nocturne" (1974, Aladdin 5551)
  • Danny Gatton Band "Ugly Man/Love Is What You Need" (1977, NRG Records MR341922A//B)
  • The Danny Gatton Band featuring Billy Windsor: "Diggin' the Dirt"/"Honky Tonk Country Girl" (1985, NRG MR 9445)

Danny appeared with Arlen Roth on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in 1994. Danny had just received his Fender Custom Shop doubleneck. Other members of the band that night were bassist John Previti, drummer Timm Biery (both of the Gatton band), and Late Night bandmember Jimmy Vivino.

DANNY'S SIDEMAN WORK: Danny sometimes played on other people's recordings, with mixed reults. Sometimes it was great, and sometimes you can barely hear him. Nevertheless, here is an incomplete listing of Danny's sideman work, with as much info as I have. As I get more, I'll modify.

  • Bogart, Deanna "Out To Get You" (1990, Blind Pig Records BP73890) Danny take a lead on the jazzy instrumental "Ethel's Place" This recording also features future Gatton band member Timm Biery - could this be where Danny and Timm hooked up?
  • Brooks Tegler's Hot Jazz "And Not Only That!" (released 1995, BigMo Records 20242) Danny is featured on two cuts "Birdland" and the title track. John Previti plays upright bass on those two cuts, and is given a bass solo in "Early in The Morning." Brooks was the drummer on Unfinished Business (Cherokee and Homage to Charlie Christian) This recording is highly recommended.
  • Bullens, Cindy "Live Wire"
  • Charles, Bobby "Bobby Charles INvades the Wells Fargo Lounge" (1968) Danny plays on the whole record, and is given a solo spotlight in "Malaguena".
  • Commander Cody "Flying Dreams" (1978, Arista AB4183) Danny plays rhythm on "He's in Love, He's In Trouble" and "Vampira."
  • Downing, Big Al "Big Al Downing (Team Records, TRA 2001)
  • Ervin, Steve "Was It Like This" () Danny and John Previti play on the whole album for this singer songwriter. Good suff.
  • Gordon, Robert "Are You Gonna Be The One" (198, One Way Records (BMG) OW34494
  • Gordon, Robert "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die"
  • Gordon, Robert "Black Slacks" (1990, Bear Family Records, BCD15489) A Robert Gordon greatest hits package. Danny is on 6 of the 25 cuts, culled from the "Are You Gonna Be..." and "Too Fast..." recordings.
  • Gordon, Robert "Fresh Fish Special"
  • Issak, Chris "San Francisco Days" (1993, Reprise, 9 45116-2) Danny borrowed a Stratocaster to play on one cut. Norma can't remember which one it is, but I think "5:15" is the most Gatton-esque of all the cuts. Danny plays the bag, and doesn't get in the singer's way. Tasty licks, though.
  • Leslee "Bird" Anderson "Running Wild" (1988, Renegade Records, RR-104) Danny plays on most if not all the cuts. Danny considered the title track his best recorded work ever. He lays down 11 tracks of Les Paul style guitars. He also plays bass, steel and banjo this record.
  • McClinton, Delbert "Delbert McClinton" (1993, Curb 77600) Danny and Delbert reprise their performance of "Sun Medley", which also appearaed on "Cruisin' Deuces."
  • Roth, Arlen "Toolin' Around" (1993, Blue Plate Music, BPM 300-2) Danny and Arlen smoke their way through a Telecaster duet of "Tequila."
  • Seaton, Johnny "Uptown" (Renegade Records, RR101) Danny plays on all but two cuts for this rockabilly revivalist.
  • Seaton, Johnny "Reaction" (1986, Rounder Records 9004) As part of Rounder's New American Series, Danny and Johnny laid down 11 great tracks proving that rockabilly was not dead, but it was also not confined to a nostalgia act. The recording and mix quality is beautiful, Danny can be heard well and plays great. Danny did the arrangements as well. Johnny and Danny should have made more records like this. Recommened.
  • Smith, Bobby "Two Sides" (1987, Ripsaw 221) Danny plays two fiery solos on "Both Wheels Left The Ground."
  • Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer "Nobody Else Like Me" (1998, Rounder Kids CD 8079) Reissue of a 1993 A&M release. Cathy & Marcy do rollicking kids music. Danny plays lead on two cuts, "Twins" and "Harry's Glasses." His leads on "Twins" are pretty generic rock leads - I wouldn't have known it was Danny just by listening. "Harry's Glasses" has Danny up front, playing a country-swing type part similar to Carl Perkins' "Dixie Fried." It's a great part, and fits the song, plus a brief Danny signature solo. I could easily hear Danny's fingerprints in his solo.

Danny on SCTV 1981

Robert Gordon and Danny appeared on SCTV in 1981 to promote/play his moderate hit "Someday Someway" I believe that is Lance Quinn on 2nd guitar. I can't tell if that's Shannon Ford on drums. As a lead-in to the song, Robert participated in a comedy skit with Rick Moranis and Dave Matthews, who played confused newscasters who thought Gordon was an astronaut about to be launched into space

Danny plays the Bridgeport Wine Festival, 1993.


Here are some other places you can find information about Danny:

Visit this site (by clicking on the blue text below - this banner is not an active link), then e-mail Steve Gorospe and thank him for all his hard work!

DG on local Nashville TV show while promoting "Cruisin' Deuces" in 1993. In addition to being interviewed throughout the show, he played several songs (Morning Show Theme, Honey Don't, Blues Newburg, Big Boss Man) on his gold Signature Fender Telecaster prototype through a Fender Vibro-King and Boss Delay pedal. The Ampeg amp underneath Danny's amp probably belongs to the show's bass player.

Danny's Les Paul

Danny played his 1961 Gibson Les Paul with the Redneck Jazz Explosion in 1978. It is very rare to see the single cutaway, 3 pickup black Les Pauls as late as 1961. Gibson had regular production of this model from 1957 to 1960. I believe the '61 (verified by serial numer) was made from leftover parts. Danny modified the pickup selector, and painted it with pinstripes. There may have also been some internal wiring changes, and it sported his famous Magic Dingus Box (an effects remote control).

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Danny on Austin City Limits, backing Roger Miller in 1983.

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